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We would help you know when and where you have chances to travel and settle P. So, do not just blindly trust on predictions, but have faith in yourself to get over a bad phase of life. Thanks for using AstroTalk!

To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store regularly. Every update of our AstroTalk app includes improvements for speed and reliability. Had some concerns regarding relationships and so far, the answer the astrologer gave is very accurate! Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Oct 8, Version Information Seller Puneet Gupta. Size Exp : 15 years. Exp : 20 years. Exp : 17 years.

Exp : 3 years. Exp : 14 years. Exp : 42 years. Exp : 12 years. Actor Amitabh Bachchan needs no introduction. From being the son of the famous writer Hirvansh Rai Bachchan to his flawless acting career over 5 decades, the celestial bodies have given their best to him. He has been felicitated with awards like Padm A birthstone refers to a gem that represents the month in which a person was born. The idea of a birthstone is very popular and people often wear it in accordance with their birth month.

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According to traditional beliefs, a birthstone is a powerful pi The right education is the base of a successful life. While earlier the main purpose of education was to make a student perfect in grammar an This October, look within yourself to understand your emotions, the reason behind your conduct and the source of your conflicts. Be clear in your mind and put your faith in Lord Ganesha and he would guide you on it.

Get the answer to Definite question. Ask Ganesha Here.. He Speaks.

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Ram Charitra Manas Prashnavali. Just think about your question and submit yourself to Lord Rama Whatever your question you have in your mind just be clear and pray to Lord Rama and ask for the answer. Get answers through Ram Charitra Manas Prashnavali here.. You can now view your horoscope with the degrees of the placement of planets in their particular houses, signs, nakshatras etc. The zodiac chart would be formed on the basis of your birth details. Date of birth, time of birth and place of birth are the three main inputs required.

The effects of the planets in your horoscope would be given there itself and you can get the free horoscope reading of your astrology chart. Get your horoscope online for Free. Know Your Sun Sign. Planet sun is the centre of our solar system and is also the main planet in the horoscope. The effects of the Sun Sign in which the native is born has been seen since the coming of astrology.

Find out your sun sign and also know about your Sun Sign for absolutely free. Moon Sign and its Analysis. The Indian Vedic astrology gives importance to the placement of planet Moon and it at times supersedes the effects of the Sun Sign. Moon has its influence over emotions, mind and our body. Get to know your Moon Sign for Free and also know its effects.

Free Online Love Compatibility. Free online Compatibility has been specially designed by our expert astrologers at www. This free utility of matching the compatibility between two people is used by unlimited number of people from around the world. This utility would help you to understand your partner more. The love relationship which you want can be improved with the help of this utility. The character traits of your partner, the needs, and other various traits can be matched.

Go through this free love matching service and you would not stop till you know all.. Get Free Love Compatibility Report. Popular Astrology System. There are various astrology systems practiced around the world.

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Each one is practiced in its own way. Each one has some limitations but still there is one which stands out from the rest. Nadi Astrology.

Free Mantra Suggestions. Mantras are special string of words which takes one to the inner level of his mind and connects with the Supreme Being. The mantras help to potentiate the effects of the planets and give positive effects. Know the best Mantra for you on the online astrology portal here. Free Suggestions on Yantra. Yantras are magnifiers of the mantras and create positive vibrations. There placement in the house or at the place of work brings in the positive vibes and removes the negative ones.


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People have used it to remove obstacles in life. You too can make the best use of the suitable yantras to fulfil your desires. The best yantra for you. Free Suggestion on Puja. This free utility of Free Puja Suggestions has been developed on special request by people who deeply have faith in the almighty.

These puja suggestions cover the need of people who wish to reduce the malefic effects which they are facing in their life.. Get to know the Best Puja. Free Suggestions on Gems. Gemstones are of various types. Each gemstones have their own effects. Some have strong effects and some not so strong. The vary in size , color and have different specifications. You can get to know the suitable gemstones through this online astrology utility for finding the right gem stone.

Know all about Gemstone here. Find out Your Nakshatra. Many of Traditional Astrologers do not take pain in going deeply into the placement of planets into the particular Nakshatra and just give predictions on the signs in which they are placed but we at AskGanesha. Know what your Nakshatra is and read all about its effects. Know your free online Nakshatra in astrology. Kaal Sarp Dosh. This is one of the most feared dosh in vedic astrology. It is believed to cause malefic effect through out the life of the person but at the same time there are some proven remedies for it too.

Get to know if you are having this dosh and also find out its true effects. Check it free if you have Kaal Sarp Dosha. Horoscopes for Year The Free online astrology Sun-Sign predictions for the year would give you the insight to the effects of the zodiac sign. These Zodiac Sign yearly predictions will cover the major factors such as marriage, married life, career, rise in finance, health, travel and also other important topics. Religious Stories. Indian Mythology is one of the oldest mythology in the world. The Hindu God stories are key elements of Indian Culture, which enriches it further and makes it a unique one in the world.

These God stories have been passed from generation to generation either by word of mouth or through carefully stored scriptures and they have the teachings which help a person to shape a better life. These stories are much relevant for a human being to sculpt the life of goodness. Lord Shiva is the 3rd Lord in the Hindu Trinity.

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He is the God of destruction. He is also known as Maha Deva or Bhole Nath. Shiva Stories Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant which represents power and the body of a human.

Rama is the perfect avatar of the Supreme Protector Lord Vishnu. She is the the ultimate power inherent in all Creation. Maa Durga Stories Read more stories:.